The Best Build

Launch fast, launch profitably. We offer partners the security of proven commercial and technical expertise, including: 

cutting-edge tech with our 7th generation tunnels

access to business plans, models &  projections

onsite engineers work directly with your team

The Best Systems

As you would expect our in-house systems are 'best in class' for running your business. Benefit from:

advanced tunnel management software

online web, booking and marketing 

extra revenue (e.g. DVD up to 10% of profits)

The Best Partnership

Our partnership programme ensures that we are invested in your success. An iFLY partner can expect:

updates to system software

sharing of best practices among partners

IBA approved training programme

iFly Austin
iFly Singapore
iFly Seattle
SkyVenture Montreal
iFLY Hollywood
Bespoke tunnel on Cruise liner.

The bottom line

We choose our partners carefully. After all, with our royalty and franchise options we expect to be working profitably together for a long time.

Why iFLY?

iFLY is market leader for many good reasons. We have a long history of building successful tunnels under the SkyVenture name, our maintenance is minimal (usually with no disruption to business), and we are highly energy efficient.


Wind tunnel businesses are extremely profitable, but typically require $6-10 million of up-front investment. Less than 50% of this will be on the tunnel itself while half will be on construction and infrastructure. We share business plans and projections with partners to assist with business planning.


From planning approval, tunnels take 6-12 months to launch. Of course location is critical, and iFLY can advise on your plans right through from location selection to financial projections. 

License or Franchise

iFLY charges a royalty on revenues (which decreases your upfront cost). We offer a full iFLY franchise for a 7% royalty, which will give you immediate brand awareness and collateral. A franchise can significantly increase the value of your tunnel when you decide to exit. 

No-Royalty option

Where required we can provide a royalty-free option, or even go the other way and assist your funding through higher royalties in some cases.
For ALL partners we provide unrivalled technical and commercial support, including plans, documents and business systems that will save you tens of thousands of dollars and months of work.
If you are serious in your interest please use the form to the right.
The iFLY International Team

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Our tunnels mix the 'wow factor' with cutting-edge design and engineering.

14ft - 4.3m

Most cost effective

Short, medium & tall models

Class leading efficiency

Up to 6 flyers (flat)

Active chilling

e.g. iFLY Austin, iFLY Chicago (Rosemont & Naperville), iFLY Houston (Memorial & Woodlands) 

Most Commercial

5.5 meters standard glass

Ground floor flying

12 Foot

e.g. iFLY Hollywood (10ft), iFLY San Antonio, Gold Coast, iFLY São Paulo & iFLY Brasília

12ft - 3.7m

Huge WOW factor

360º clear design

Single return tower

Up to 4 flyers (flat)

Active chilling

360˚ Wow Factor

Perfect for mall integration

Just 10.7 meters tall

16ft - 5m

Best for Professionals

Largest range of uses

Best for skydivers

Class-leading technology

Up to 8 flyers (flat)

Active chilling

e.g. iFLY Singapore & iFLY Downunder

First choice for military

3 storey building

Our 7th generation 'SkyVenture' tunnels

Internationally branded as

Serious wind tunnels for serious businesses

iFLY is the world leader in indoor skydiving tunnels with our SkyVenture technology. We own, operate and partner with 85 highly profitable tunnels around the world, and more than 12 currently under construction including the world's largest.
We aim to support our partners for life, and offer both royalty and franchise opportunities to those serious about business. 

We offer 4 standard tunnels (measured by diameter) as well as bespoke design and engineering.

Images show tunnels in Hollywood, Austin, Singapore, Montréal, Seattle and on a cruise ship.



Custom design services

Custom engineering

10' - 32' (3 - 9.75m) diameter

Ideal for exhibition flying

Active chilling

e.g. Royal Caribbean (x2- 10ft-3m), iFLY Paris (14ft-4.3m with 14m of clear glass), in development (32ft - 9.75m)

Designed for you

Management services available

2 - 20+ flyers